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Feb 07

Science Café: Learning from Mistakes

Trial and Error

Trial and error is a fundamental method of problem solving in science. In this Science Café, we will not focus on the great breakthroughs, but want to hear about all that went wrong - and yet brought important insight. How can we make sure we really learn from mistakes? When do mistakes start to endanger a project? What about a second chance?

These experts are available for discussion:
- Dr. Cristoph Zechner, research group leader, MPI-CBG
- Ulrich Braun, theologian & philosopher

Feb 28
MPI-CBG Auditorium

Seniorenakademie: Cells - innovative material

Talk by Elisabeth Fischer-Friedrich

How can cells regulate the molecular material characteristics and change their shape without any external forces?

Mar 02


Be a social media reporter for one day!

Be a social media reporter for one day! We will first discuss how to use social media for communicating science to the public. You will then see the Institute's fly stock and fly room and talk to a scientist - and share your experience on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

Apply with tweet, Facebook or Instagram post using the hashtag #flyfun - and don't forget to tag the Institute (@mpicbg)!

Mar 28
MPI-CBG Auditorium

Seniorenakademie: Microscopy and Virtual Reality

Talk by Ulrik Günther

State-of-the-art microscopes can image several complete 3D data sets per secons, yet we look at the images on flat screens. The talk will show how virtual reality can be used to analyse microscopy data.

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